Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Gain Extended Food Shelf Life

Extended food shelf life
The history of MAP

Modified atmosphere packaging, as we know it today, originated in the UK and Denmark in the 1970s where bacon and other products reached the retail stores. Before this, controlled atmosphere storage was used in the 1930s to transport beef and lamb from Australia and New Zealand to the UK.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) has proved to be one of the strongest packaging concepts for a great variety of products.

As research makes progress, still more products are entering the long list of MAP products. The driving force behind this distinctive gas packaging trend is the combination of a strong consumer appeal (fresh products) and a number of benefits to the retailers in connection with logistics, product presentation, value added products, extended food shelf life etc..

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The purpose of gas flushed packaging is to give the product a long shelf life. To have success with modified atmosphere packaging, it is thus paramount that you have the means to control whether the actual packaging process is geared to fulfil this purpose. Otherwise you may become the victim of poor experience which could damage your market position.

Quality control is the key word for extended food shelf life

How can you achieve a good quality control procedure? On the pages about QC/QA we will attempt to answer this question based on the assumption that the most suitable gas blend for the particular product has been chosen.
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